Lindsay Pelton

Real Estate Salesperson – Rome – 

A mom of three children and two furry pets, Lindsay proves to be a passionate agent with a strong foundation in creating genuine relationships. Additionally, Lindsay offers a flexible schedule to best suit your needs both day and night. When she does have the chance to relax, Lindsay can be found swimming, biking, reading, or writing. Lindsay is quite a fan of the Harry Potter series, and when asked, “If you could be any animal what would it be,” she promptly responded, “Owl!” 

Born and raised in Rome, NY, Lindsay became involved in real estate because she was interested in helping people fulfill their dreams in owning a home. She considers a home to be one of the most important purchases a person can make, and her idea of the process should make both her AND her client happy. Lindsay’s favorite part of the real estate process is a toss-up for her. She equally enjoys closing day, and seeing the look on a client’s face when an offer has been accepted!

Lindsay Pelton – Real Estate Salesperson

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Direct Line: 315) 335-9645